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Download big files became easier
Posted by Support Team on 09-11-2018 03:53

Some among our users have a problems and difficulties with a big size file download. The main problem was a daily limits, which doesn’t allow finish a download.
Indeed, the modern files “weigh” quite a lot and they are becoming more and more “heavy”. For example, a game or HD film sometimes can be 40-60 Gb while our daily limit is 25Gb *.
Therefore, we’ve updated our service and now we don’t break a download even if a file is more than 25Gb. When you start to download the big file, you finish it without problems.
Moreover, please note that if you are not sure about your internet connection and fear that it have might interrupt, use some Download-manager.
Hope, you appreciate our efforts!

*the traffic which exceeded the daily limit doesn’t count to the next day

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